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Classic Games Are Making A Comeback- Why Should You Play Board Games?

Over the craziness of Holiday Season at Wonder World Toy Store & Baby Boutique, I began to notice just how popular Classic Games. What is a Classic Game? I consider a Classic Game to be anything that came out before the 2000s and you probably played them with you grandparents. Think “childhood memories” for Millennials and older. Classic games can also be played with multiple generations together.

So why are Classic Games making a comeback? They were flying off the shelves this past Holiday Season with many of the purchasers saying “I don’t think he [gift receiver] has ever played this game before.” With technology being a dominant source for entertainment, people are forcing the younger generation to play Classic Games.

What are some popular Classic Games?

The list can go on and on, but you get the idea.

Why should the younger generations take time off electronics to play these (and other) games?

  1. Human Interaction- playing a game with people creates a fun moment in time that forces you to interact with real people rather than staring a screen.

  2. It’s Fun- you will laugh during some point of playing any game. Even if it’s just a chuckle from a funny word that is played during Scrabble. There WILL be laughter.

  3. Creates Strategy Building Skills- every move in a board game is all about strategy with little goals throughout.

  4. Creates Brain Power- no matter the age, your board game has you do something that forces you to think without you even realizing it.

  5. Decreases Stress- this coincides with fun. When you’re having fun, stress is decreased.

With these reasons, I hope you grab a Classic Game and play one with someone!

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rantous danfoord
rantous danfoord
Feb 07

Very informative

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rantous danfoord
rantous danfoord
Feb 07

I read your story that is amazing I love it

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