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Review Time: Do You Fidget? Speks & Fleks Review

*This review is strictly my own thoughts and I am not being paid by the company to share them.

Owning a toy store is a child's dream come true. They come in and will ask for the latest toy they saw on YouTube. On the flip side, they'll ask for seemingly impossible to even exist toys. Speks & Fleks fall into the later category. Fidget, fidget, fidget. It's back to fidget toys we go. Except this time, kids have a high bar set due to the popular 2017 trend of fidget spinners.

In come Speks. I had found them! It took MANY Google searches of "new fidget toys" and similar wording. A video of Speks popped up in one of them and I couldn't keep my eyes off it. This is what my customers have been begging for without even knowing something this amazing exists. Sneak peek of my review summary: we love it.

So, what are these things called Speks? I know you're asking. They are magnetic balls, 512 powerful rare earth magnets to be exact, that you can mold into different shapes with your fingers. The box says it all "mashable, smashable, buildable". With your finger tips, you can glide these balls into a endless shapes. Now, if you know me, I'm not one to fidget. I can't relate to needing something to help ease the uncomfortable feeling of not being able to sit still. However, I can relate to the joy you have playing with these. They are fun!

Each set contains:

-512 rare earth magnets

-16-page starter guide (As if you need it, your fingers will be too busy shaping them to flip through the pages of this guide)

-metal building base & splitter card

-carrying case (please don't lose this- you need it for the best storing solution)

Now, onto Fleks. These are a member of the Speks family and also utilize magnets for intense fidget action. They are super bendy silicone with magnets at both ends to connect them together to form sculptures at any surface. Here are some pictures of my creations.

In Summary, we love them both. These items would make great gifts for people who sit at a desk all day. I do need to stress that the box says 14+ because of the small parts, so please use at your own discretion.

You can purchase both at my toy store, Wonder World Toys. Please consider shopping locally with me online (shipping available- shoot me an email for a quote-

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