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Review Time: Swirly World Liquid Wand Pens by Bright Stripes

For those of you who don't know me in person, if you are looking at, or purchasing, a Bright Stripes product in the store, I will absolutely tell you how much I love them! First, the founders are amazing and they're a New Jersey based company. They collaborate to create stunning crafts for kids to make that are truly pieces of art. I could go on, but I'm sure there will be another Bright Stripes review in my future to mush on them more.

Onto Swirly World...

This kit has everything that you need to make your very own liquid, glittery, light up pen with you're very own Pen Pal inside. There are 4 different types of Pen Pals: Nutty Narwhal (who I am making), Franky Fangs, Aloha Mer-kitty and Mer-Panda Princess. The steps are so quick and easy that you will be shocked to have created such an amazingly adorable pen to use! Ages 6+.


  1. Open pen, remove paper insert

  2. insert clear "habitat" piece into the package indent- this allows you to have a sturdy base while you are creating your pen

3. Drop your Pen Pal, Accessory, beads & plastic "bubbles" (aka glitter)

4. Pour the oil to the lowest engraved line

5. carefully twist the pen body onto the habitat

I find this to be an easy craft option for a kid to do independently. The whole activity took right around 5 minutes. The pen writes smoothly and lights up- what else can you ask for in a pen for remote learning?? You can give it as a gift with a journal or sketch pad!

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